Assess candidates the right way

Put your talent filtering in automation with our adaptive assessment solution and just focus on talking to the right talents.

Design an efficient talent filtering process

Prepare an assessment template with your criteria and benchmarks at each step from fitment to technical assessment. Only candidates that meet your criteria moves forward to the next step.

Get Fitment right

Most of the applicants fail at fitment stage. Don’t waste your time spending on each applicant to find out the fitment. Let our solution do that for you.

Pay only if qualified

We don’t charge for every assessment by the applicant. You will only be charged if applicant pass through the fitment step of the assessment. 

Tailor made tests

Not all applicants to be assessed the same way. Use our adaptive solution to create tailor made tests for each applicant based on their fitment.

Train and Assess graduates for entry level jobs

Train your students to ace job interviews and identify the areas they need to improve with our adaptive assessment process. Use our pre-built assessment templates designed for cracking the entry level job interviews. 

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